Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Making A Gingerbread House--PICS ARE UP NOW :)

Today's activity was making a gingerbread house. Thankfully, I was able to find one of those Gingerbread House kits at Wal Mart and saved myself having to make it from scratch! LOL I've made it before, but didn't really want to have to do all that baking!
I was very suprised at how well Mikey participated with the decorating! He was concentrating on what he was doing and did a pretty good job! Lij of course did too! I'm sad that alot of my pics came out blurry...not sure why either because they looked clear when I was taking them. I wonder if it was the bad lighting in the kitchen?? Maybe if I print them out small, it won't look so bad.
Anyway, here are the pics for today and a few from the other activites. I think some of the other pics were from the day we made reindeer antlers and then when we watched The Polar Express in our PJs and the night we baked cookies..although Lij didn't participate in that one. I'm not sure if I'm missing anything else. Either's the pics :)

Okay, blogger seems to have it out for me! LOL I just uploaded some pics a bit ago and now it's not letting me :( I'll try again to post them tomorrow...night :)

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GINAJAM said...

i wanted to do a gingerbread house this year, but never got around to it. looks like so much fun!!

hope you had a great Christmas!