Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Best I Got

Pictures that is! I was so sad that no one was cooperating and letting me take the bajillion...yes, bajillion is a that I wanted. Don't they know I'm a scrapbooker and NEED a variety of pics to work with?? People...what is that room with all the paper for?? LOL SHEESH!! Anyway, Miguel was the only one willing to pose for me. Well, and Lij too..for a while. OK, I guess Mikey, as always...was the most uncooperative of the bunch!! He was NOT liking wearing his costume at first. I think he didn't like how the fabric felt and he was NOT liking the bandana on his head!! He kept taking it off!! When we got outside and he saw all the other kids dressed up, he forgot about it and left it on!

I wasn't too happy with the costume Lij picked out. His dad took him to pick it out so I didn't get a say in it. Plus the whole night, he kept complaining about how hot it was under that mask. year, I'm dressing him like a pirate again!! LOL...JK..Ok, maybe!!

Miguel looked great! LOL I couldn't look at him and not laugh The costume he wore was one that he got for a play he was participating in for the Woman's ACTS retreat for our church. He got lots of compliments for it too!
We took the kids out for about and hour and then came back home and passed out candy. The kids got a good amount of loot and it was fun! Maybe next year, we can all dress up as a family. I think that would be pretty neat!

Can you tell Mikey doesn't like his bandana?? LOL Look at that mad little face!!

My Roman soldier :) The family...Lij...look over here!! LOL He was the Scream mask guy!


shopgirlaudi said...

Hee hee...Mikey looks too funny. But you did get some good pics:)

Estee said...

Those are the cutest pics ever!! Love the Roman soldier and Mikey is A-DOR-ABLE!!!!