Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Air Show

So, Elijah spent this past weekend at my sis's house. She hadn't seen him since the summer when we celebrated his birthday at my mom's house w/ a cake and presents. Lij goes to spend time with his dad every weekend so after getting the OK from him (hi Gilbert :) ), she picked him up on Friday night. They always go out and do errands and stuff, plus he gets to play with Matthew and Victoria so I'm sure he had a great time. On Sunday, they went to an air show at Randolph and my sis got these super cool pics of Lij that I can't wait to scrap. There's ALOT of pics of him, GILBERT!! LOL Happy now??? Just kidding :) I will make it a point to post more stuff about Lij so you can come here and see what he has been up to during the week when you don't get to see him :)

These first two pics were taken at some park my sis took them to...not sure what it's called.

These were the pics from the air show! How cool that Lij got to sit in a real plane!!


mel said...

Great pics! Looks like Elijah and his cousins had fun. Too bad it wasn't you that came over to my side of town. Maybe I could have actually seen you! LOL!

We didn't go to the air show this year, but we went the year Leah was born. That's where we spent the whole day. We walked. Lots. She was born that night. I'm convinced it was because of the all the walking. :-D

shopgirlaudi said...

I am the coolest aunt EVER!!! That's why Lij loves me so. Can't wait for him to come spend the weekend with us again:) Oh, and start scrapping those pics so I can lift some ideas for the pics of Mattie and Victoria:)

Estee said...

I love the pictures, it looks like he had a great time with his cute cousins! :)