Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Move....

In my scrap area that is! Even though I JUST moved my stuff around about a month ago....I don't know what possessed me to do it again! lol Actually, I really wanted my table in front of the window to get as much natural light for when I record my videos. My scrap area is actually half of our living room. We don't have any extra empty rooms that I can take over. Our living room is pretty long, so half of it is mine and the other half has our sofas, tv, ect. It has its advantages and disadvantages. I like that I can be scrapping at my table and talk to the kids or The Hubby if they are watching tv or playing video games, but sometimes they're too noisy and it would be nice to have a room I could close the door to and escape all the noise for a while. I also don't like that my stuff is out where everyone can see it. Although, I'm not messy and I rarely leave stuff out on my table, all my supplies and shelves are pretty much out where it can all be seen. For now though, it will have to do.  I've actually had my scrap area set up in this same way before, but had moved it...don't ask me why! Well, actually...I am one of those people who LOVES rearranging furniture every so often, so that's probably why I do! I gave myself and hour, but it took me TWO! Half way through, I was tired and wanted to stop and wondered what the heck I had been thinking! And sadly, I don't know what I did, but I ended up hurting my left shoulder. It might have been lifting and moving my HEAVY stacks of patterned papers. Funny how it's usually when I'm moving stuff that I realize just how much stuff I have...and sometimes it's SCARY! lol In a good way! I really like the way it looks and is set up now and hopefully, the pain in my shoulder will serve to remind me to stop moving things around!

I also went by Michaels today in hopes of finding and buying all of those Heidi Swapp stamps from the Hello Today line, but sadly, there were only 3 sets there. Not 3 different styles...literally THREE stamp sets! They were pretty wiped out. I picked the two I liked the most and left the other there and had my hubby use a coupon as well. Next time, I will take the kids and hubby and use four coupons! lol

I was working on another layout earlier today. My sister and I were Skype scrapping, but I didn't get to finish because The Hubby came home from work and we left to run errands. I hope to finish it up tomorrow and I'll post a picture of the finished product. Here are some pictures to look at. Thanks for stopping by!

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Sasha Farina said...

oy.. take care of that shoulder!! let the hubby help you with heavy lifting :D nice are you have there, but i know what you mean about 'escaping the noise' :D