Wednesday, January 18, 2012

For The Record....

It doesn't seem like I have too many people reading my, or at least commenting, but I still want to keep track of certain things for my own benefit. Today was day #7 at the gym....last week, I went M-Thurs., skipped Friday, went Saturday and rested Sunday. This week, I skipped Monday because my allergies were KILLING me! I was SUPER stuffy AND runny at the same time....don't know how that happens, but I figured I would do no good running if I had to breathe through my mouth. By Tuesday, I was feeling a little better and went because I don't want to skip alot of days and get off track. I went today and God willing, will go tomorrow and Friday and rest for the weekend. I know that's three days off this week, but I don't think I should go 5 consecutive days. Today, not sure why, my knees were hurting while I was running. Maybe because I didn't stretch today? Possibly. Tomorrow, I think I'm going to start off on the Elliptical and do maybe 10 mins on there and then try to do my 20 minutes of running 1/walking1 on the treadmill. So far, that is all I have done at the gym...walking/running on the treadmill. I haven't been able to move up to level 2 yet which is running 2 mins/walking 2 mins. Not sure why...maybe I just need more time. On the up side, I haven't weighed myself since I started eating better and exercising a couple of weeks back, but I have noticed and felt a definite change in my body. My middle doesn't feel so "blah" as I like to call it or bloated I guess....I think I feel "leaner" if that makes any sense. I have a pair of jeans that I had already started fitting into the last time I had gone on a gym kick (back in August when the kids started school up until about mid November). They had been fitting me a TEENY bit snug around the waist back then, but not anymore!! I am just waiting for them to fit baggy on me...can't wait! Oh, and this morning while looking in my drawer for some I dared to grab a size 7 which had NOT been fitting me comfortably for a while and they FIT!! YAY!! So, I went down from a size 8 undie to a size 7!! Small steps....I WILL get there. I already have a new pair of pants that I am going to try to fit into....those pants are my GOAL!
Aside from exercising which is kind of sucking all my energy right now. Only because I guess I go so early (and I HATE. HAAATE waking up early!) to get it out of the way. Then I come home and get all my "chores" done and then I feel so physically tired that I don't feel like doing anything creative. But I have created 8 pages so far this new year and worked on some Valentine's Day cards for a swap I'm hosting on my Facebook scrappy group. I have some orders coming in soon so hopefully it will inspire me to create more :)

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