Thursday, June 23, 2011

Some scrappy shares

Not much going on around here. Miguel went back to work this week after being off for a week. We were able to do some stuff while he was home...just hanging out together as a family which we just don't do much of when he's working. He just spends TOO much time at work and when he's home, he's usually asleep! It was good though...lots of fun and I'm already looking forward to his next one which I advised him he should take in September for our one year anniversary...wink, wink ;) lol

I got a few pages done last week I think....or no, maybe the week before Miguel was on vacation, but hadn't gotten around to posting here. One is an 8.5x11 and one is 12x12. I've also done two more pages in my art journal/smashbook, but need to get pics of those.

What else is going on? Not much really. The kids are home, driving me nutty as usual. I really wish Lij and Mikey would get along better. Mikey just ADORES Lij and just wants to be around him and wants Lij to play with him or do stuff with him. And I totally get it, Lij is 12...almost 13, but I think he forgets what it was like to be 6 and look up to an older brother. I remember when Lij was little and he was always wanting to do what his older brother, Josh was doing, but Josh was so different with Lij. If he was sitting at the table drawing, he'd have Lij sit there across the table from him and they would both draw together. He was never really "mean" to him and loved hanging out with Lij and doing stuff w/him. I really wish Lij would just understand how much Mikey looks up to him. I think he'll be going back to his dad's this weekend and will probably be there for a week. His dad gets him for a month in the Summer, but sometimes, we split it up into 4 seperate weeks. Anyway, he (Lij) can pretty much go spend time with his dad any time he wants as long as we have nothing planned. We don't really follow the whole standard visitation thing.

I'm itching to create....have so much stuff that I had gotten a couple months back when we had our tax refund and I just don't sit down to scrap as much as I should or would like to. Sometimes I just feel so darn lazy to get stuff out! lol And speaking of lazy.....sad face...I fell off the gym wagon...AGAIN! Was doing so good too.....for a whole month, but every week, I went less and less days...5 to start with, then 4, then 3, ect, ect. I haven't gone in about two weeks :( It's just harder now with the kids home since I was going after they'd left for school. Miguel hasn't gone either, but he's so busy...I'm surprised he was finding time to go at all! I really just need to find my motivation again which is SUPER hard! We'll see.....

Well, it's late and I can't remember everything it was that I wanted to write soo....until next time. I'd really like to be better at keeping my blog up because there are alot of little daily life things that I would just like to write down and document for later, but I'm just so bad at making time to do it. Another thing I need to work on.....good night :)


Kylie said...

Fantastic layouts

Platinum Scraps said...
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Kiwi The Kreator said...

OOOH...lovin' that "Butterflies and Sunshine" design...AAAAND the awesome size!!! :P