Friday, June 19, 2009

What's going on??

Just an update on what's going on in my oh so exciting life :) lol Hmm...where to start. Mikey is still doing that whole "snoring" "gasping" thing at night. The meds the doc had given him which I "thought" were making a difference, don't seem to be doing so now. So I took him off the nose spray and the Singulair and am just giving him the one a day Claritin which is for his allergies and I give him allergy meds on a daily basis anyway. We made an appointment for the ENT, but that isn't until July 9. Which seemed like a LONG time away before when we made it, but is getting closer now. Although at night, when I'm trying to sleep and I'm hearing him make these noises that literally hurt my heart :( each minute seems like an eternity. I applied for CHIPS online and got back a letter early this week that he doesn't qualify. "We make too much money." Really? If that is the case, I'd like to know where all this money is??? So, I guess if he does need surgery to remove his tonsils or adenoids, we will just have to go ahead and do it and get billed and work out some kind of payment plan. Just another bill to add to the oh so long list! But it needs to be done.

I've still been working out on the bike. And earlier this week, Miguel and I went over to Gold's so he can add me on his account. He's had a membership for a while already, but didn't really use it much with his crazy schedule, but we figured that now that his hours have changed, we could both go together in the evening after he gets off of work. After we signed me up, he was also SUPER sweet enough to take me over to Target and bought me some workout clothes...a couple of pairs of shorts, a tee, and a sports bra :) I needed THAT! So yesterday was our first day. There's quite a bit of people working out at that hour and I couldn't find a treadmill that wasn't being used. Luckily, I remembered that the girl told me there was a small Women's Only section in the back with machines and stuff too, so I went and looked back there and found a free one! YAY! So I stayed back there on the treadmill for an hour while Miguel did his thang! lol :) I think I did pretty good. At first, I felt like my ankle was kind of "stiff" and I couldnt' really "bend" my leg right, but after a little loosened up and it didn't even bother me like I thought it was going to...thank God. There were even times where it felt good enough that I thought I could speed up a bit and start running, but seeing as how this is my first day back on the treadmill since back in November when I fell, I didn't want to push it, hurt my ankle and ruin my whole workout. But soon...crossing my fingers...I think I can get back to where I was....I can't believe I'm saying it, but I miss running! I know! It's crazy! Afterwards, Miguel helped me do some arm weights because I really want to tone up my arms too. He's such a helpful boyfriend :) When we walking out the door, they had a scale up by the front desk and Miguel convinced me to weigh myself...I really....REALLY didn't want to...let me tell you, I SHOULDN'T have! :( :( I will not disclose said weight, but I was kind of bummed and I know I'm going to have a long road ahead of me, but I'm commited to it and I WILL get back to where I was before "that day" lol I've been dieting all week. Cutting out all breads, pastas, rice, ect...NO cookies, candy, cereal..nothing like that. Just good food...chicken, lots of fruits and veggies and a TON of water. So, we will see how things progress :)

Oh, I have some pics of my reorganized scrap area....put a whole bunch of stuff in that shoe organizer I got at Target. I really like it. And I got a page done yesterday. I didn't LOVE it, but I liked it well enough. Kind of bummed about that because it was a picture I really loved! I guess I just wasn't "feeling it", but I really felt like scrapping.

What else? Oh, tomorrow we have a "reunion dinner". A whole bunch of friends I graduated with who I found on Facebook are getting together. Some of us haven't seen each other in at least 10 years if not longer. We've had a good number of ppl RSVP so it should be a fun time! I'm going to be sure to take plenty of pics!

Not sure what else I wanted to talk about...I think that's all for now :)


Ginajam said...

You are one busy girl...lovin your layouts, too! Do you have those wall layouts in a frame? I love that look! That's great you're on a health kick. I wish I could completely remove all of the "bad" stuff in our house, but with kids, it's almost impossible.

Feelin' Scrappy said...

Hey, where did you get those 12x12 frame? Too cool.