Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Right now...

I am:Reading: Have been "trying" to read The Bible...some chapters here and there. I really need to start reading it regularly again.

Listening to: I still can't get enough of Tenth Avenue Norths's "By Your Side" Love my Klove radio :)

Obsessed With: my "bad foot"...when it will get better? IF it will get better? It still hurts alot on some days and I'm not anxious to get back into a workout routine because I HATE it..lol..but I know I NEED to.

Thinking About: Alot of things lately. My mind is always so full of "stuff". Thinking about Lij, about me and Miguel...

Planning To: Reorganize my scrapbooking papers, but I need some more Cropper Hopper paper holders or some more of those Priority boxes to cut open and use as paper holders. I have way too much paper and even though they are alphabetized, alot of them go unnoticed so I need to find a more efficient way to organize them.

Enjoying: Still just taking it day by day. Just enjoying the days I'm given :)

Vowing To: Lose some weight and get in shape again :(

Working On: Getting my scrappy mojo back. This has been the case for a while even though I have done some pages...just not "feeling it" like before and I don't know why :(

Excited About: Valentine's Day and giving the kids their gifts. I just know they are both going to LOVE them! :)


Estee said...

Hey!! I was thinking about you today. How are things??? I loved reading about what you are up to. :)

daphne said...

Hi Lal! Just dropping by to see what's new. I miss the sneaky Scrapper group. I've been hanging out more on sb.com. and doing a few swaps. Drop on by my blog sometime and say hi!

Ginajam said...

i was wondering how your foot was these days! hope you get your mojo. i can't wait to get settled so i can start scrappin again. miss it so much!