Sunday, December 14, 2008

Merry Christmas to ME :)

I ordered myself some scrappy stuff online just in case Miguel didn't know what to get me ;)Although, he's more than welcome to go get me something else on his own :) I got myself three Sassafras Lass paper collections. I've always wanted some. I got the Happy Place, Sunshine Lollipop, and I'm waiting for the Life At the Pole to come in. Also got myself some of this yummmmy Bazzill pom pom fringe I've been wanting forever and a cute little Melissa Fraces ticket book. My friend asked me if I was going to wrap it up and put it under the tree, but I don't think I will! What's the point? I already know what it is! No use in wasting wrapping paper! Trying to save some trees here! Oh wait, my paper I'm sure is made out of trees. Forget it then! LOL I'm hoping to maybe scrap a page later. Oh, I took like six steps on my foot today...yay, but then a while later, it started hurting :( But it's progress!! I "have" managed to find ways to get around and get stuff I need done. I cleaned our bathroom this morning and I'm going to vacuum right now. So glad I'm just able to move around more than that first week when it just hurt TOO much to do ANYTHING. Okay, gotta go!

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shopgirlaudi said...

Yummy, yummy scrap goodies. I got me the Happy Place today. I found a lady on ebay who was selling it for $15 something and she was local, so I emailed her about meeting up and saving the shipping and that's what we did. I also bought a pack of some Happy Place chipboard. They are like the little mushroom, hedgehog, etc. WAY cute. I'd never even seen those before. I will forward you her online store link. If anyone else wants it just message me on my blog or email me or PM me on