Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Has it only been TWO days???

I cannot...I repeat...CANNOT be laid up and on crutches for three weeks! I can't even imagine another couple of days! It is SO hard! I can't move how I want...I can't move as fast as I want, I can't do what I want. I surely can't keep up with Mikey and his oh, soooo active ways. He is just all over the place and runs circles around me anytime I get up to walk on my crutches which is really just to go to the bathroom or to come sit here to give myself a little break from vegging on the couch. You'd think it would be nice to just lay on the couch and watch tv, but it's not! Maybe it would be if I could lay in a position other than with my leg elevated. And I have to lay on the same side of the couch with my bad ankle to the inside because if it's to the outside, I'm afraid Mikey will bump into it...which he has already done twice today. And I can't even come and sit at the computer or scrap like I thought I could because I can only keep my ankle "down" for a very short time before it starts hurting. So there IS a reason for keeping it elevated apparently! LOL Chon came over today to help me out with Mikey and it went pretty good. I really just need someone to help me with getting stuff for Mikey and well some stuff for me since I can't really "carry" anything and use my crutches at the same time. After my sister left, I did somehow manage to go into the kitchen and make myself a sandwich and pour Mikey some juice with a little help from Mikey and no spills :) My "good" ankle though which really isn't my "good" ankle because that's the one that had been hurting me from running on the treadmill is starting to hurt me too...I guess from putting all my weight on it when it's really not 100%. UGH, I feel so old and like all my parts are giving out! I know I've been told that I don't look my age, but at times like these...I sure feel it. Well, you look it...well, I feel it..well, you look it.. That's a little inside joke between me and my sis. Anyone know where that's from? It's not like my 37 year old body can take a fall and just get up and recover like I could say when I was 20. So many parts of my body hurt from the fall....makes it more real to me that I really "am" that old :( Anywho, that's my little pity party...you're all invited..and while you're here...can you grab that thing over there for me? Thanks :)

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shopgirlaudi said...

Boo hoo you whore...LOL

Hope Floats...I win!!! ;)

I'll be there in a bit. Gonna get some stuff together to scraplift your Christmas lights LO. I guess I'll be scrapping alone since you can't sit for very long:( Gotta hurry. It's foggy out. I scared:(