Friday, December 19, 2008

Good news...bad news...

Good news...I have been able to put 'some' weight on my foot today. Although probably not the way I should...still can't step 'flat' with that foot, but I'm able to kind of limp using the 'side' of my bad foot and putting most of my weight on my heel. It looks funny, but I was able to get around limping that way today with very little pain. I was SO happy about it because my crutches were really getting on my nerves. Bad all my excitement at being mobile again w/out crutches, I think I might have over done it because right now the inside of my bad ankle is hurting....BAD....keep getting a sharp pain :( I wrapped it up with an ACE bandage a bit ago and hopefully a good nights rest will ease the pain and get me ready for tomorrow.
I baked cookies for Miguel to take to work tomorrow, but they weren't from scratch this year....frozen dough. So much easier. I just didn't feel like taking all that time or making all that mess...not right now. I helped him wrap some presents too. He did the first few and was cutting the paper all "jagged" so I took over. Bless his little heart :) He wraps like a guy, but aww, I thought it was so cute :) Not much else going on. Lij comes home tomorrow and stays until Christmas Day when he goes back to his dad's. I might bring him back right after since I don't get to see him that often. I know his dad will not mind at all. Well, that's all for now :)

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mel said...

Awww, hope your foot is better soon! Rest and take it easy today!