Sunday, December 7, 2008

George is getting frustrated!!!

WHEN will this be over?? Yesterday, I dared to go out of the house because I was going stir crazy and couldn't imagine staying in for a whole other week. So I ventured out with my crutches hoping it wouldn't be so bad...WRONG! The first place we went to was The Dollar Tree because Miguel wanted to get some stuff. I'm not kidding, it took me like five minutes just to get inside the store! And then once in there, I had to find something to lean against to rest. I had to hop another five minutes just to get somewhere out of the way that wasn't crowded with people. At this point...roughly about 10 minutes into my adventure...I wanted to go home. Shopping is NO fun when you have to hop on crutches :(:( I decided to go wait outside and then attempt to make it to the Michael's next door. It took me about twenty minutes to get there too. I stopped about four times to rest up against the building. Once inside, I think I spent all of like ten minutes hobbling around, resting, and trying to look...I walked down two aisles and then planted myself next to a K&Co. display and waited for Miguel to come find, fun, fun! I didn't even try to make it back to the truck. I waited at the curb for Miguel to come get me and boy did it feel GREAT to sit down and rest my legs. I say legs because it's not just my "bad" ankle that hurts. My "good" leg and foot were hurting horribly...I guess from carrying all my weight. Plus that was probably the most I'd "walked" since the accident last week because usually it's just a few feet to the bathroom then back to the couch or to the bed or stuff like that. Our next stop was Target and God bless Target for having those motorized cart thingies! Although I was bit scared of hitting someone, but I got the hang of it pretty quickly. Oh, and on my way in to the store, this dear, SWEET older woman saw me struggling across the crosswalk trying to catch up to Miguel who was walking ahead of me with Mikey and she slowed down to walk next to me and was talking to me and was like "you poor thing, sometimes it feels better just to have someone sympathize with you doesn't it?" I wanted to hug this woman! LOL I just thought it was so very sweet for a perfect stranger to show such compassion. So, I got Mikey a few gifts for his upcoming birthday next week and found the keyboard I want to get Lij, but they were out of it. Oh, and I got Miguel some headphones for the tv for Christmas or his birthday...they are just days apart. After we left there, I decided I had enough excitement for the day...or at least "walking" so we picked up some McD's for the kids, dropped them back off at home with my mom and headed out to dinner and a movie. We ate at Chili's and that was nice since it was just sitting. We watched "Four Christmases" which both me and Miguel had wanted to see. It was funny, but not as funny as I thought it was going to be from the previews. OH, before we entered the theaters, I was waiting for Miguel to park the truck, so I was making my way to the doors and then I had paused a ways from them and a young guy/boy...whatever, comes up to me and asks me if I need help with the door. I thanked him...twice..and said I was waiting for someone. Also, before we went in, I had to go to the bathroom and before I even got to the door, a young girl who worked there ran ahead of me and held the door open. It's things like that...when people do nice things "just because" that make me feel so good inside. There "are" still alot of good people in the world...wish there were more, but it gives me hope that maybe humanity is not totally lost. After the movie, we came home. We decided to put off our grocery shopping until today after we take Lij home. I sure hope the HEB we go to has those motorized carts or I'm waiting in the truck. Every part of my body hurts hands, my arms, my abs, both my legs and of course my ankle. You should have seen my "bad" foot last night. I guess from all the moving it around and not having it elevated. It was HUGE!! Even my toes were swollen...I couldn't even move them! I should have taken a picture. I know that it could be worse. I could have broken a bone, Mikey could have gotten hurt too...I know that. I'm so very thankful to God that it was only a sprain and fracture, but I am getting so frustrated and impatient that I can't do what I want/need to do. Everything is a million times harder, takes that much longer. It is irking me to no end to not have the house in order the way I want it to be. I know it's shouldn't matter as much as it does, but I can't help does..that's just me. I can't function in disorder. It doesn't help me with everything else to have everything out of order on top of it. I just want to scream! And clean...but I can't. Please, please pray that I have a faster recovery so that I can keep my sanity. Here's a pic of how swollen my foot was the other day. I think you can even see how my toes look swollen too.

Oh, forgot to mention that I'm almost done with the Twilight book. I've been reading every chance I get....I have about 200 pages to go. I bet I'll finish by tomorrow!


mel said...

See, I told you it wouldn't be so bad to get one of those little carts to drive at the store. I think they look like fun! :D

How are you liking the book? We've been so busy all weekend, I haven't had a chance to read much over the weekend. The kids are going to bed early tonight though so I plan to read in a little bit.

Talk to you soon!

Dave Q. said...

I rolled my ankle playing basketball in the fall of 2005. It was a grade 3 sprain. And, I kid you not, it is still swollen today! I was careless and didn't do any physical therapy. I gave up the crutches after 4 days. And I regret it all. I am fairly active (softball, basketball, running) and I have to ice the ankle afterwards every time. I feel your pain. :(

shopgirlaudi said...

Yikes!!! Your foot DOES look super swollen:( I bet riding the little cart at the store was fun though. I've always wanted to do that...and so does Steve...but that would be for different reasons;)

Tammy said...

HOLY HECK! Dang girl that IS swollen... I'm glad you're getting better though!