Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Page and a Pumpkin

I was able to get another quick page done late tonight after Mikey went to bed. I should have been asleep too, but this is my little "quiet" time. I used the new Pencil Lines sketch with the OWL word "keep" for this one. Our 5 year anniversary is coming up on Halloween so this was fitting.
Miguel has been bringing home pumpkins. For those of you who don't know...he works for a produce company. So, I got one of the smaller ones and "decorated" it. I remember doing this once for Lij when he was in Kindergarten. They had a pumpkin decorating contest and I used the pieces from his Mr. Potato Head on it...it was so cute! Mikey only has this Easter Bunny Potato Head so I used that! I think it looks pretty cute! Wish I had different Potato Heads. I know I've seen them at the store. That would look pretty neat. To have a table set up with all of our different Potato Head pumpkins! LOL Anyway, it's late so...good night :)


Ginajam said...

I'm lovin the 8x11...I think I might have to try that out. Your layout is gorgeous! And such a cute idea with the pumpkins...gotta go to the store now :-)

shopgirlaudi said...

LOVE the LO and the pumpkin is funny. It's like it's his Halloween costume. I saw a bucket of those potato head things for the pumpkins just the other day. It was either Target or M's and it was on clearance. I'll check if I go by again this week and let you know:)