Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm back

At last...a new LO! I just hadn't had the time. Mikey keeps me pretty busy and by the time he goes down, so do I! Last night I planned to scrap after I put Mikey to bed, but I'd taken a Benadryl because my allergies were bothering me and I ended up falling asleep too! So today while Mikey took a semi late nap, I worked on this page inspired by the awesome Sasha Farina! LOOOVE her work to pieces!! This puts my LO count at #99...only one more to go! Me and Chon are planning a little scrappy time this Saturday since Miguel will be in Mexico..again..for the ACTS retreat. The kids can hang out while we play :) So I'm sure I'll hit my goal that day.

On the work out front, I ran SEVENTEEN minutes nonstop today!! WOOOOHOOOOO!! That is a BIG deal for me! I think that's the most I've ever ran nonstop. It was roughly 1.200 miles. Yesterday, I ran 15 minutes nonstop and that was my goal today too, but I was able to hang in there for two more minutes. I think I might have over done it though because my left ankle and knee are hurting. Tomorrow is strictly walking at an incline to rest my poor legs! But I'm happy about my time today and I hope I can stay there or add more time. That's all for now! :)

Oh, Miguel remembered how much I love Gerber Daisies and brought me some last night :)


shopgirlaudi said...

Love the LO and that's the same one I got together for Saturday. It's too weird how we do that. Great minds think alike;) You did a great job on the lift and I love daisies:)

shopgirlaudi said...
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~Sasha Farina~ said...

you did an awesome job laura!! :D and I'll be cheering you on to LO #100!! Yayyyyyyy!

Melonie said...

Love the LO and your blog. Oh and I love Gerbera Daisies too!

Carol said...

Great layout. Thanks for visiting my blog. Wow running 17 minutes I can barely make it down the hall in my house. lol.

Good luck with your goal of 100, sounds like you'll be there in no time.


Ginajam said...

wow...17 minutes on the treadmill? Dang, I wish I could WALK 17 minutes nowadays! I can't wait til after the baby so I can increase my time!! Love your layout and those daises...ugh, my favorite, too!! Have a great weekend.