Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Birthday...

to my very good friend Melissa.

I am posting this via my sister because I am without internet access...Aaahhhh!!!! I am going out of my mind...literally...and not because of Mikey...OK...some of it IS Mikey;) I do not know when it will be back up again. Hopefully by Monday.

Melissa, I tried to email you, but I couldn't remember your address as it is saved in my contacts and I can not retrieve them at the moment.

I received your card in the mail yesterday. It was a very nice suprise. It made my day:) I was touched by your words...sniff, sniff...tear:) I hope you have a very nice day even though Drew is away. I hope you got the package I sent in time for your birthday. I hope you liked it. If you received already please post a comment on my blog so that I know it reached you:)

That's all folks. I'll be back as soon as I can:)


mel said...

Awww, you're so sweet, Laura! Thanks you! I've been worried about you all week since I haven't seen you online. Glad to know it's just that your internet is out!

I *did* get the package early this week. I waited until today to open it though. :) Thanks *so much* for everything! You are so thoughtful! I'm so excited to use all the fun sb stuff! I'll look for you online next week to chat. I've missed you! :)

Ginajam said...

Happy Birthday to YOU, too!! Have lots of fun and hope you get spoiled!!