Thursday, September 4, 2008

The creativity is flowing :)

It's kind of a good thing that I've picked up a second hobby because the need for creativity is a daily thing with me, but sometimes the scrappy mojo just isn't there. In those cases, I can just pick up my beads and make something and get my creative fix for the day :)

In the past couple of days, I've worked on a couple of LOs and tonight, I was able to make these two necklaces. The turquoise one, I had started a couple of days ago, but I just wasn't liking it much so I undid it and started over and ended up loving it this time. I really LOVE the chocolate brown one I made!! I mixed those beads up with some leopard print beads and I think it looks so cool! Love the pendant too! Miguel took my stuff to work with him today and sold two of my bracelets (the turquoise one I loved so much and I don't know which other). I don't know if he sold anything else when he went back to work after lunch. I am really loving this whole making jewelry and would love to keep doing it and try to make some money from it, but don't know how much bussiness I can get from just selling at Miguel's work. I'm thinking maybe Etsy? Ebay? Any thoughts and ideas would be greatly appreciated :)
So here are my two LOs. The one of Mikey I did using a sketch from Got Sketch. The one of the kids, was a lift from 2 Peas..someone named DianneH I believe. I love that one! I used a little bit of everything...and I got to use those big felt pieces I had gotten at the Dollar Tree but was going to throw away after I cut the flowers and dragonflies from glad I didn't! Oh, Lij comes home tomorrow...YAY!! We are thinking of taking the kids to the Botanical Gardens on Saturday. They have a Treehouse exhibit going on and thought it would be something fun and not too expensive to do with the kids. Plus it's outdoors and no matter how hot it is, Mikey just can't get enough of the outdoors! So NOT like me! I prefer air I'm sure Elijah does! It should be fun though. We'll probably grab a bite to eat after..oh, and I need to take Lij for a haircut because his head is becoming a big mop! I know he wants to grow it out or do his "own thing" with his hair, but his hair texture is weird and it won't lay flat so when it gets too long, it just sticks UP like a porcupine! LOL It doesn't look good at all. I wish I could find something that we could both agree on that would work with his hair type. I like the shorter haircuts that I've been getting for him, but I know he doesn't really...well, at least as of lately. Anyway, those are our plans. I hope everyone has a great weekend :)

The last two pics are of some cool new Paper Studio pads they had at Hobby Lobby when I went bead shopping last week. Love the colors...just what I had been wanting :)

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Ginajam said...

Your jewelry is beautiful...yes, I say you should try and sell on ETSY. Or even look into some local church bazaar's (i think I spelled that wrong!). You're layouts are also total eye candy!!