Thursday, March 6, 2008

Am I Going Crazy??

I have done some pretty stupid things, SAID alot of things that make absolutely NO sense...even to me! LOL I'm convinced it's "mommy brain". I am constantly writing things down on lists I have up on the fridge: TO Do lists, GROCERY lists, STUFF TO PACK lists.... yet I STILL sometimes walk into a room and forget what I'm doing there or end up forgetting stuff at the grocery store, or spend the weekend at my mom's and forget something I really needed. Anyway, last night I am talking to my mom on the phone and sitting in the bathroom before I take a shower and she's telling me how the neighbor lady told her that she has just had a man break one of her windows and try to break into her house while she was there with her grandson. Fortunately, when the man saw that people where home, he left. But my mom says "and she was just about to get into the shower". I ALWAYS take the phone in the bathroom with me when I'm showering especially if the kids are with me so I'm sitting there looking around for the phone, making sure I brought it with me and I can't find it. I'm looking on the sink, in the towel basket, all the while talking to my mom ON THE PHONE!! HELLO??? Am I losing it?? I don't know WHAT I was thinking? And my mom is always afraid that she's getting Alzheimer's because stuff like this happens to her. Well, I'm only 36, so what is MY excuse?? LOL I need some sleep...I need my brain back...I need a vacation...I need SOMETHING!

ANYWAY, today I scrapped this cute little mini LO for a challenge on Sneaky. Sticking with the "blue" theme, we had to use something OLD, something NEW, something BORROWED and something BLUE. I was browsing my sis's BOS on 2 Peas and came across a really cute project that immediately inspired me to make this and I'm really LOVING the way it turned out. I put it on a shelf in my scraproom. I think maybe I'll try making one with a pic of me and Lij. That's all for's eleven and I should get to sleep. Thank God it's Friday tomorrow and I don't have to wake up at six a.m. for two days! YAY!!


Jane Ettia Jones said...

oh wow this is too cute laura love it

shopgirlaudi said...

You need something...Is that an invitation??? ha ha ha Love the mini LO. Too cute:)

scrapbook911 said...

What a funny story... I have done that way too much, myself! WE just have so much to do and take care of, it's only natural that we get a little scatterbrained!


Second...check out 911 blog...lots of awesome stuff in (AC)AND ELSIE. It is awesome. Go check it out now!!!!!!!