Wednesday, September 12, 2007

FINALLY...some LO's

I've been scrapping since I came back home....LOL!! The first two LO's I did at my mom's house while we were over there. We had taken Elijah to eat at the Rainforest Cafe for his birthday. It was SO neat there! The food was good...I wouldn't call it great...a bit overpriced IMO, but the atmosphere was awesome! Lij loved it! And we all had such a great time so it was worth it. That whole day, we did stuff just for him. I took him to Wal Mart and we both had breakfast at the McDonald's in there. Then I got him a camo comforter set for his new twin bed and a lava lamp for his room, we went and got his hair cut, then we went to play putt putt golf, then we had dinner, then we went to this cool mirror maze thing downtown across the street from the Alamo. He had such a great day!

This last LO I started yesterday and finished up this morning while I was waiting for it to be time to go out and wait for the school bus. I took that pic the day before we took Elijah out for his birthday . We had a cake for him at my mom's house and he got to open his gifts. It's so funny. Him and Matthew are sometimes hanging off of each other...literally and Mattie calls them BFFs...LOL I think it's funny...but cute!! LOL

I started another LO with a pic of Mikey at the zoo, but I haven't finished that one yet. I'm really liking it so far. I'll post that later.

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Jane Ettia Jones said...

cause of you i am going to try a 6x12 layout, just love what you have done