Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Quick Hello

I really need to try to keep up with this more often and not just when I have LOs to post! I've been getting LOs ready and packed all day for Saturday's crop. I had most of them sketched out already, but still needed to pick papers, ect, but hadn't done it yet because I wasn't quite in the scrappy mood. Elijah has been here this week (back from being with his dad), so we've just been hanging out. I really like the way I set my tables up in my scraproom because now anytime that I'm in there, I have Lij and Mikey spend time with me in there. Lij will be drawing and Mikey will be coloring and sticking stickers all over the place and we will just talk and listen to new fave radio station and talk and stuff...nice :) So I think I'll have some pretty good LOs to post after Saturday. We have a nice turnout this time....lots of fun people showing up....should be tons of fun...can't wait!! It's nice to get away and have some scrappy, girl time even if it's only once a month. I can live with that! Well, I just have a quick LO that I did tonight to post. All that sketching, packing up and such got me in the scrappy mood, so I just did this quick LO with a pic of the flowers Mal got me this past Valentine's Day. I used some Creative Imaginations scalloped paper scraps I had....I just LOVE that paper. I wish I had gotten more when 911 had them :( Oh well!! Take a peek at my LO and good night for now :)


GINAJAM said...

that is the cutest darn layout. now i want to go around my house and find things to take pictures of!! i still have some of that paper, too! gotta use it now.

have fun tomorrow!!

Estee said...

I love that layout!!!! I really need to get updated with everyone's layouts on, I am so very behind! I think it is so cool that you have some space where you and your boys can spend time together!! So sweet!!! :)

I linked your blog to my new one, is that ok?? This way I can stalk you and Es. :)

Jane Ettia Jones said...