Monday, May 21, 2007

A New LO

My sister came over on Saturday and spent the night. It was lots of fun...kind of made me miss the days when we still lived together :( The kids had a blast too and also made WAY TOO much noise!! LOL Okay, it was mostly Mikey!! :) She scrapped most of the day and I ended up doing some more organizing and purging. I got some stuff set aside to sell at the next 911 yard sale. I ended up doing one LO later in the evening. I was inspired by a LO in the June issue of CK. I'm really happy with the way it came out! We took those pics earlier in the day in the backyard while the kids were playing. I saw a pic Elsie took of herself in the grass and wanted one too!! LOL I hope you all like it too!! :)


GINAJAM said...

SO STINKIN CUTE! It's perfect!

I am going to copy you (and Elsie), but I hate bugs, so it's hard for me to just jump in the grass and lie down!! I'm a big baby, I know!

I guess i can put a blanket down!

you have to go over to 911 and guess Tim's fav could win something!!

Jane Ettia Jones said...

Oh Laura this is just gorgeous. I love the picture, the paper, the layout, the stamp i love everything. Your layouts are awesome chicky.

Tammy said...

This layout is so beautiful Laura, you did a kick butt job!!

shopgirlaudi said...

Gina, I am with you. Lal MADE me lay in the grass to take a couple of pics and I was like, "hurry up", then I felt all itchy and icky:( LOL

Lal, I really like the way this LO came out. I am totally lifting this as well and using my "grass" pics:)

That day was alot of fun. I wish we could hang out like that ALL the time. Ah, the good old days...good times, good times:)

scrapbook911 said...


she's at the store and so must go NOW

I will have pics later tonight on the blog. Go ASAP,'s hot!

Tammy said...

Quit working out and get your butt in that scraproom!!