Monday, April 9, 2007

A Trip to HL

Me and Tammy took a trip to Hobby Lobby today because the papers were half off! I only got 8 of the 8.5x11 papers, some Autumn Leaves stamps I saw on 2 Peas that I wanted, and some stuff from the Easter clearance section which was 50% off: some neat little wooden flower frames that I'm going to alter and put somewhere in my scraproom and some green felt ric rac. Happy shopping day :)


Jane Ettia Jones said...

And why didn't anyone pick me up on the way through HUH HUH HUH.

Love those little wooden flowers are they just so cute, can't wait to see what you do with them. And gotta love those autumn leaves stamps i don't think there is one they have made that is divine.

Tammy said...

Um... I didn't see you sneak in those stamps into your cart!! I have those but I got them when they were 50% off, and I haven't used them yet... wait... are those the ones I have or the other ones? Isn't that awful? Oh and you know what Laura? Remember I showed you the ghost arrows that I got from Ebay and you said to me "you already have those" and I was like "no I don't"... I DO HAVE THEM!! LOL.. now I have 2 packs, I'm the biggest dork on the planet, its pretty bad when you buy so much scrap crap that you forget what you have!! Aye Aye Aye!! At least I have you to remind me!!

Lal said...

See, I told you that you had them!!! You can give them to me! Hee,hee, hee!! And no, I don't think those are the stamps you have. I think you have the Scribble alphabet.
We'll pick you up next time, Janey! :)

shopgirlaudi said...

I wanted to go by HL and check their Easter clearance too. Don't know what I would want though. I have that ric rac in pink, blue and purple so if you want to trade some of your green;) And who makes those papers you got??? I LOVE them especially the brown ones:)