Friday, April 27, 2007

A Pressie From Australia and more goodies :)

I just HAD to say "pressie" because that is what Janey calls it and I just love it!! LOL :) I got these awesome bags of chipboard from my new friend Janey who lives all the way in Australia!! Thank you so much, Janey!!! I can't wait to use them!!

Me and Tammy also went to HL today and did some minor damage on their half off sale. I got these yummy Autumn Leaves stamps that Tammy and my sis already had and I just LOVED so I had to snatch them up! I also got some Doodlebug stickers, some MM alpha rubs, a Daisy D's sheet of rubs, and two great finds in paper: the Halfway Cafe line from Cosmo Cricket and this cool pack of Bazzill...LOVE them!! Oh, I also found this cute sign on my way out and just HAD to have it even if it wasn't on sale...LOL!

Tomorrow night, Tammy and I are cropping at 911...hope they still have some of their new goodies left!! After that, I promise I will be good on my spending :P


Jane Ettia Jones said...

LOL pressies. So glad you like them and when they get the new stock in I will hook you up no worries.

Ewww love your new goodies too those stamps are just divine.

Jane Ettia Jones said...

ewwwww and i love love love that sign and that heart cardstock is just to die for. How on earth do these company's expect us to save money when they keep bringing out new stuff?

ALL ABOUT ME said...

You did get some good stuff. I was there friday, too, but didn't get a whole lot. I love that we can buy Bazzill bling and scallop (sp?) at half off!!

I'm going to be saying goodbye to all of my company sat. afternoon, so I don't think I'll be able to swing the crop. I will try to stop in and say hello (and get some pictures!!) Wish I could hang with you girls!! Hopefully next time.

lee said...

Laura, you girls are like us. Love a woman that loves to shop. Love the stamps. And that sign Love it.

shopgirlaudi said...

LOVE that sign. I gotta get that one;) I'm going by HL today and getting the two other packs of the scalloped Bazzill I didn't get since I didn't spend enought at the expo:) hee hee

LOVE all the goodies. Can't wait to scrap some. I've been shopping to much and not scrapping lately. I gotta clean today, but I want to do something scrappy tomorrow:)